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IEG corporate headquarters

IEG corporate headquarters located in Gruibingen, Germany

IEG Technologie GmbH
Hohlbachweg 2
73344 Gruibingen

Tel. : +49(0)7335 96976-0
Fax. : +49(0)7335 96976-40

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IEG Technologie GmbH is a specialist company providing high-quality solutions and turn-key delivery for soil and groundwater remediation using primarily innovative in-situ technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve the problems of our customers in a cost-effective, time saving and sustainable way to eliminate liabilities and risk, adding value in the process. Our remediation technology systems are offered on a guaranteed fixed capital payment basis, irrespective of remediation duration, or alternatively on flexible terms to meet the requirements of a client's budget.

Our typical project approach after reading all available assessment reports by experienced senior staff, is to achieve an in-situ remediation concept based on optimized processes for each site. For larger sites a field pilot test is designed to evaluate the sphere of influence for the installed system in the impacted media. The data generated during the pilot program allows IEG to design a full-scale remediation program that will be the most cost effective and time saving in remediating the site. Our range of services include design, manufacturing, assembly, start-up, maintenance, service and operation.

The philosophy behind IEG's low-impact technologies fits exactly with the low environmental impact ethos of modern "sustainability requirements" and IEG's technology specializes in low energy, low noise and minimum intrusion. We treat contamination in-situ, generate minimum wastes for disposal, have no water abstraction for treatment and disposal elsewhere, and have minimal above ground treatment facilities.

IEG systems have been proven as a effective treatment tool for the remediation of groundwater contaminated with aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene (BTEX), styrene, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oils, PAHs, phthalate, pesticides etc. GCW also be combined with Metal Remediation Compounds for immobilization in the remediation well for heavy metals treatment. For effective free product recovery IEG combines GCW with simultaneous vacuum-enhanced automated LNAPL or DNAPL recovery systems. Also the integration of ISCO (in-situ chemical oxidation), ISCR (in-situ chemical reduction with micro scale iron) and alcohol or surfactants flushing can be applied.

In 1985, IEG became a pioneer in the field by being at the forefront of the development of revolutionary in-situ groundwater circulation technologies. The company boasts numerous international patents, which demonstrate the high standard and innovation of the technologies. Extensive hydraulic research has been done developing the scientific hydraulic calculations for the implementation of groundwater circulation systems in the field. In the United States of America, the GCW technologies have been evaluated and approved under the US Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program, and by many other Government authorities.

Over 150 scientific and technical references in the literature are available. IEG has worked under different research programs in Germany since 1990. Over a time period of more then 10 years laboratory experiments and field pilot tests have been conducted together with the Institute of Hydromechanics, University Karlsruhe. At VEGAS facilities University Stuttgart, several large scale laboratory experiments for verification of GCW remediation efficiency are performed. The technology is very well understood and fully accepted by the authorities worldwide.

The staff has many years of broad hands-on experience applying IEG's innovative remediation technology. Since 1990 alone, IEG systems have been used to successfully complete over 300 remediation projects across Europe, the United States of America, Israel and Taiwan.

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