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Ricircolo aria interstiziale

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Soil air circular flow is employed to remediate soils polluted with volatile contaminants (e.g. CHC, BTEX, jet fuels), some semi-volatile contaminants and/or biodegradable substances. Due to the application of low negative pressure, TESAC systems can be implemented in soil, where the horizontally induced flow bypasses contaminants trapped in low-permeability layers.


The heat produced by the blower and air heater placed in the continuous vertically circulating air stream can be used to accelerate mass removal by making the contaminants more volatile. Assuming equilibrium conditions in the subsoil, an increase in temperature from 10°C to 20°C leads to a 50% reduction in remediation. Temperature optima between 30 to 40 °C can also be used to enhanced the microbiological degradation. During remediation microbiological activity do not occur until the toxic levels of concentrations have been reduced. Through constantly venting, the TESAC process will create those favourable conditions.

  • TESAC is more energy efficient than the installation of heater wells
  • Shortening of remediation times
  • Microbiological activity will not be destroyed
  • Highly contaminated capillary fringe area will be included
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