Tuesday 18 February 2020
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Pozzo di Ricircolo (microbiologicamente assistito)

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By means of different techniques oxygen, gas mixtures but also nutrient solutions can be added to the GCW circulation water. Thus, more oxygen-rich and contaminant-reduced groundwater circulates through the aquifer and stimulates microbiological degradation respectively creates better bio-availability. Metabolites impeding the growth of autochthonic microorganisms or the CO2 produced by the biological decomposition can be transported to the well with the groundwater and can be selectively removed there.

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To discuss IEG Technologie GmbH | Soil and Groundwater Remediation Specialists - Pozzo di Ricircolo (microbiologicamente assistito) or your individual in situ remediation requirements in detail, please click here to contact Dr. Eduard J. Alesi, Managing Director.

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