Thursday 25 February 2021
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GCW - con estrazione parziale

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The vertical Groundwater Circulation Well can also be used as a pump or infiltration well for standard on-site remediation. In such cases, partial withdrawal or infiltration is taken from or added to the total volume of groundwater flowing through the well. It is possible to extract or to infiltrate water without changing the groundwater head at the well top for a specific ration of the extracted or infiltrated flow to the vertical circulation flow around the well.

Numerical Calculation of a GCW with Partial Withdrawal

This has been numerically investigated for unconfined aquifer conditions by Herrling and Stamm (1992). At a distance from the well, the groundwater head at the aquifer surface only slightly deviates from the normal resting position. In low yield aquifers, continuous pumping can be achieved at much higher pumping rate and re-infiltration can be realized for much greater quantity.

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