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Double cased screen

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IEG uses an innovative type of Vacuum Vapor Extraction system using a specially engineered and patented Double-Cased Screen (DMF) in combination with a very low negative pressure blower. The double-cased screen consists of fine-grained filter granules sandwiched between two layers of metal sieve web with an open screened area of over 50%. The metal web is constructed such that an artificial well pack cannot significantly reduce the open screened area.

Air/water phase separation takes place in the DMF in order to avoid drying of the subsurface. By accurately positioning the DMF it is possible to obtain the necessary air-lift velocity to remove dense soil air charged with contaminants from the bottom of the well. Since contaminant concentrations often reach a maximum within the capillary zone, the Double-Cased Screen is normally placed within this area.
Due to laminar flow generated when extracting soil air via a DMF, this venting process can also be applied in less permeable soil using negative pressures between 40 and 80 millibars within the screened segment. In practice, the use of Double-Cased Screens as part of a Vacuum Vapor Extraction system results in a significant increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of the soil air ventilation process.


Advantages of the IEG Double-Cased Screen

  • system capable of seperating different phases (e.g. air/water/LNAPL)
  • no clogging of screen due to special design of casing material (ca. 60% open filter space)
  • SAV-system needs less total energy
  • maximal utilization of the adsorptive capacity of activated carbon filter
  • increase in the percentage removal of the pollutants from the subsoil
  • inclusion of the capillary fringe in the remediation process
  • larger radius of effectiveness
  • fewer ventilation wells required
  • conditioning of the withdrawn air is not required
  • lower investment and operating costs
  • reduction in the total remediation time
  • minimum air-lift velocity for contaminated soil gas is attainable
Further Information
To discuss IEG Technologie GmbH | Soil and Groundwater Remediation Specialists - Double cased screen or your individual in situ remediation requirements in detail, please click here to contact Dr. Eduard J. Alesi, Managing Director.

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