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VEGAS- large-scale Laboratory Investigation

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The scientific calculation methods for the hydraulic functioning of GCW-Systems with pump and packer are developed by the Institute for Hydromechanics, University of Karlsruhe, under a research program funded by IEG. Under university oversight, an objective evaluation of the system was executed within the scope of large-scale model experiments in the research institution VEGAS and at the research site Knielingen by the Universities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. Research projects, comprehensive scientific modellings, hydraulic tests and tracer experiments prove the effectiveness of GCW at numerous remediation sites.


In recent years experimental investigations regarding enhanced remediation of contaminated aquifers by implementing  vertical groundwater circulation flow systems were conducted at the Institute for Hydromechanics (IfH), University of Karlsruhe. These applied research was focused on large scale three-dimensional remediation experiments with a Groundwater Circulation Well (GCW) at field-like conditions in the research facility VEGAS, University of Stuttgart. Small scale laboratory experiments in columns and a two-dimensional flume at the IfH as well as field experiments completed the multiple-scale investigations. The experimental results on different scales showed the dominance of the mass transfer processes on the in situ remediation of source contaminations and their dependence on the flushing intensity. The remediation progress could be explained and also predicted by the mass removal coefficient. The GCW is a robust and well controllable technology, whose Operation could be adapted well to natural aquifer conditions and the physical-chemical properties of the contaminants.
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