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Virtual-Permeable Reactive Barrier

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IEG-vPRB In-situ Virtual Permeable Reactive Barrier with Overlapped Circulation Cells.
When a GCW is situated within the body of a groundwater contamination plume, this creates effective hydraulic control across a large diameter spherical capture zone within the aquifer. The polluted upstream groundwater is systematically captured by the GCW and treated in the well and within the aquifer.

Due to mass conservation, the same quantity is released by the well downgradient. The natural groundwater flow field is only locally influenced because no groundwater is extracted from the system.

If the width of a plume is larger than the capture zone of a single well, several systems can be arranged in one line perpendicular to or along the lenght of a groundwater pollution plume. When applied as multiple systems arranged in this way, the capture zone of each well can be interlocked thus transforming the aquifer within this zone into a series of reactive cells.The distance between each system is determined from hydrogeological measurements in order to ensure that no water can pass without being caught and treated.

Thus, a line of several wells represents a Virtual-Permeable Reactive Barrier, and no contamination coming from upstream can pass the line of wells without first being treated.

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